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About CARA

CARA is a lifestyle and community digital platform that provides easy access for persons living with dementia and caregivers to connect to an ecosystem of solutions via a mobile application.

CARA serves as a key touchpoint for members, providing personalised support across the journey of living with and caring for dementia, empowering them to lead meaningful and purposeful lives. CARA stands for Community, Assurance, Rewards and Acceptance. 

CARA is an initiative by Dementia Singapore (formerly known as Alzheimer’s Disease Association).

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Membership Card

Members with dementia will get a physical CARA membership card. This serves as a gateway to access tailored benefits and support.

Each card comes with a unique QR code, which stores important ID information and caregiver contact details.  This also aids in the Safe Return of a loved one living with dementia.

Click here to understand the Safe Return process.

Rewards & Benefits

CARA partners a range of organisations to drive the movement towards an inclusive society. 

Members will get to enjoy a rewarding care journey through tailored benefits from our carefully selected partners.

Solutions & Support

CARA curates a list of solution providers relevant to our members’ needs. 

Members can navigate options at their fingertips and tap on the community platform for further support, allowing greater peace of mind.

Empowering persons living with dementia and their caregivers to lead meaningful and purpose-filled lives

How it works


Download The CARA Mobile App

Head on over to your phone’s app store to find the CARA SG Mobile App or click the button below to be guided to the download page.

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Sign up for your Membership

The registration would require you to fill out caregiver and person living with dementia details*.

The information provided will help us process your membership.


Wait to be Notified

You will receive notifications and updates via the CARA SG Mobile App.

You will be notified* of the outcome of your registration within 7 working days.

Read our FAQs if you have any questions.


Enjoy your CARA Membership!

Once approved, you can access your e-CARA card*, view the list of partner benefits*, solutions, and manage your profile all within the app.

Please allow a minimum of 2-weeks for the physical membership card to reach you (for persons living with dementia). 

* Only applicable to users who are Caregivers and Persons with Dementia. 

Access tailored benefits from our carefully selected partners

Latest Partners

CARA partners a range of organisations to drive the movement towards an inclusive society. Members of CARA will get to enjoy a rewarding care journey through tailored benefits from our carefully selected partners. View the latest benefits on the CARA Mobile App.

Latest updates

New feature on CARA – My Radio
With the new My Radio feature, you can now listen to your favourite oldies music from the 50s to 70s as well as podcasts from Vintage Radio, directly on the CARA mobile app!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about CARA? If your existing NCSS Safe Return Card can still be used? Interested in partnering with us?

  • I was a member of the NCSS Safe Return Card (SRC). Do I need to register again?
  • Is the membership free?
  • How long will the approval of my membership take?
  • I need help with downloading the registration, where can I go for help?

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Click here to view the sign-up video guide for CARA Membership

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