Missing Person Reports

Missing Person Reports

CARA members with a ‘Member of Public’ account can view reports of missing persons which have been submitted by caregivers and help to keep a look out for the missing persons with dementia.


Whenever a new missing report is submitted, all ‘Members of Public’ will also receive a push notification* through their CARA app.

*Push notifications must be enabled in user’s mobile phone settings.

How to view missing person reports

Step 01.

Sign in to your CARA Caregiver account and tap “Missing Person Reports”.

If a new missing report is submitted while you are already signed in to CARA, you will also receive a push notification for the report.

Step 02.

Tap on a report (or the push notification) to view the details of the missing person with dementia.


The missing person report may be downloaded as a PDF image and shared on other platforms (e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram etc.)