CARA Partners Municipal Services Office (MSO) To Launch Missing Person Alerts In OneService App

In February 2023, CARA achieved a significant milestone with a strategic partnership forged between Dementia Singapore and the Municipal Services Office (MSO). The collaboration of the CARA and MSO’s OneService mobile apps aim to provide holistic support for the dementia community in Singapore.

When loved ones with dementia goes missing, caregivers can now make a report using the CARA app’s ‘Report Missing Person’ feature. All CARA members will then receive a push notification, enabling them to view the Report and keep a lookout for the missing person.

For each Missing Person Report submitted via the CARA app, the same information will be broadcasted via a push notification to OneService users who reside within the town of the lost person’s last seen location. Users are also notified when the missing person is found.

With a larger population reach of more than 500,000 OneService app users, the chances of a quicker reunion with families are now higher.

How It Looks:

Example of a Missing Person notification via the OneService app.

Read the media release here. Find out more from these news coverages below:

13 February 2023Dementia Singapore taps OneService app to help families find loved
ones who go missing
The Straits Times
13 February 2023一联通”推送失智症患者寻人启事助他们更快和家人团聚
(“OneService” pushes dementia patients’ missing person notices to
help them reunite with their families faster”)
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